10 Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000 Rs In India 2021

Are you looking for best mixer grinder under 5000 inr in India? are are come on right place. we hand pick best products available in Indian market and do detail reviews.

Mixer Grinder is a significant part of Indian Kitchens. We use Mixer mainly to make chutney like coconut, ginger, tomato, etc. Chutney is consumed daily at Indian homes. The southern part of India has Dosa and idli for breakfast, which is served with chutney and Sambar. More or less chutney is a vital part of Indian cuisine; there is hardly any region in India that doesn’t eat chutney. Apart from this Mixer is used to ground spice mixture that is used in making various kinds of curries and masala filling.

Best Buy Mixer Grinder Below 5000 INR

1. Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Super Mixer Grinder 

Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Super Mixer Grinder

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The first mixer grinder in our list is from a company known as Panasonic under the budget of 5000 rupees in India. The brand is a well-known company in the world for manufacturing quality kitchen appliances. Panasonic is dedicated to creating world-class products that better the lives of the consumers.

Panasonic MX-AC400 550-watt super mixer grinder is aesthetically appealing. This model of mixer grinder increases the beauty of the Modern kitchen. The mixer grinder includes some of the best features that have gained it a top place in the market. The three core features of Panasonic mixer grinder are safety, quality, and convenience.

The mixer grinder includes two safety options, namely, safety lid locking and jar locking. The mixer grinder cannot be run until the safety lid is properly locked in place, and also the jar is fixed properly. The dual-safety mechanism of the mixer grinder is an important feature that ensures secure usage of the appliance. Further, the magic seal protection of the mixer grinder lubricates the blade shafts, thus providing the appliance with a long life.

Things we liked

  • Powerful motor with super sharp blades for grinding tough ingredients.
  • Dual-locking safety mechanism for protection
  • Elegant style with fashionable handle for aesthetic appeal.

Things we didn’t like

  • Food particles tend to get stuck between the rubber washer and the lid.

2. Sujata SuperMix SM 900-Watt Mixer Grinder 

Sujata SuperMix SM 900-Watt Mixer Grinder

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Sujata is one of the oldest names in the home appliances industry. Sujata Supermix mixer grinder is an ideal option for every customer looking for an efficient and compact model. The mixture grinder has a powerful motor of 900 watts that performs efficiently in terms of mixing and grinding.

The motor of the mixer grinder includes double –ball bearing, which increases its performance and reduces maintenance. The quality and make of the mixer model is such that one can use the appliance for years to come. The mixer grinder is built for continuous usage and less vibration. Further, the sharp stainless steel blades of the mixer grinder cut the food particles finer and faster. Like many other mixer models of the brand, the Sujata Supermix mixer grinder includes three-speed grinding action.

The unbreakable mixer grinder jar of 1.5 capacities is a usual accessory. This jar can be used for making idli or Dosa batter for a small family. This best 900 Watt mixer grinder is a suitable model for all your family needs. It is safe to use this mixer model as it is completely shock-proof.

Things we liked

  • 3 different sizes of the jar for making a variety of mixing and grinding
  • Shock-proof design to increase its efficiency
  • Sharper stainless steel blades for finer and faster grinding of ingredients

Things we didn’t like

  • After-sales services of the company can be better

3. Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum MG 139 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum MG 139 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

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Preethi is a household name when it comes to kitchen appliances and products. Preethi Blue leaf platinum mixer grinder is known for its quality and performance. The Preethi product comes with an assured performance from the company. It is usually suggested that for grinding hard and tough ingredients, it is better to use a mixer with 750W or more. Preethi blue leaf platinum comes with a powerful motor of 750W, enabling the users to make a fine ground paste of tough ingredients.

The mixer grinder comes with a 3-speed switch and pulse. Multiple speed control of the mixer grinder ensures ingredients are ground to the desired texture without wasting current. The mixer grinder allows one to store the ground mixture efficiently with the help of its storage container included with the model. These storage containers are made of such material that retains the freshness of the contents.

Finally, the stainless steel jars of the mixer grinder and extractor have to be mentioned here. Stainless steel as a material is easy to maintain. And the extractor of the mixer model allows for maximum extraction of juice, shakes, and other liquid ingredients.

Things we liked

  • Stainless steel jars for easy maintenance and storage containers to retain the freshness of the ingredients.
  • Safety features of the model are excellent that increases its performance
  • Universal 750W motor for efficient mixing and grinding of ingredients.

Things we didn’t like

4. Philips Viva Collection HL7701/00 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 4 Jars

Philips Viva Collection HL7701

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Philips is a well-known name in the home appliance manufacturing industry. The Philips Viva collection mixer grinder includes four different jars, each with a specific purpose. The four jars of the mixer grinder are as follows – wet jar, chutney jar, leakproof jar, and juice extractor. The package of the Philips model mixer grinder includes a spatula for easy transferring of the ground mixture to a bowl.

The jars of the Philips Viva collection are made of strong and durable body. The stainless steel material used in the making of the jars provides its durability and beauty. Also, Philips mixer grinder jars are leakproof and easy to maintain. The mixer grinder comes with 4-speed control for grinding ingredients of the desired texture. The large control knob with clear marking is very convenient to use.

The Philips Viva collection mixer grinder comes with an ABS body for extended use. The compact design of the mixer grinder can be used and stored even in small-sized kitchens. The stylish design of the model blends well with any Indian kitchen interior. The high performance and quality assured by the company is the main reason for buying this model of mixer grinder.

Things we liked

  • The mixer grinder provides for all types of grinding- wet and dry separately
  • The jars are leak proof supported by a better grip handle
  • High-quality blades and multiple- speed control for grinding the tough ingredients to the desired texture.

Things we didn’t like

  • Some customers have observed that the mixer grinder produces more sound at the end of grinding.

5. Morphy Richards Icon Supreme 750-Watt Mixer Grinder 4 Jars

Morphy Richards Icon Supreme 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

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Morphy Richards’s kitchen appliances are yet another household name for its performance and quality. This brand of appliances is known to make the life of customers simple and easy. Icon supreme 750W mixer grinder by Morphy Richards is a wonderful model to invest in. The mixer grinder comes with 5 hardened stainless steel blades for easy chopping and grinding of ingredients.

The hardened blades of the mixer grinder can be used for multiple functions. One other significant advantage of the mixer grinder is its cord winding facility. The mixer grinder includes separate jar for wet grinding, chutney making and for the liquid mixture. In addition to this, the Flexi jar of the mixer grinder is designed for preparing juice. The filtration mesh of the jar effectively separates the pulp of the fruit and shredded coconut.

Morphy icon supreme mixer comes with a powerful copper motor those tough performance jobs in no time. The body of the mixer grinder, coupled with all its parts, is made of premium quality material for durability. Morphy Richards Icon supreme Mixer is an ideal model in terms of quality and performance.

Things we liked

  • 4 separate jars of the Mixer for each specific purpose
  • It includes hardened stainless steel blades for performing tough jobs
  • The model includes a winding cord with a high-quality plug for safety against electrical fluctuation.

Things we didn’t like

  • One drawback we observed is that the Mixer can be turned on without the jar that some customers consider to be unsafe

6. Bajaj Twister 750-Watt Mixer Grinder 

Bajaj Twister 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

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Bajaj has been in the business of manufacturing kitchen appliances for years now. The company has gained the trust of its customers by offering quality and high performing products. Bajaj twister 750 Watts mixer grinder is a complete solution for any Indian kitchen in terms of grinding, mixing, and blending needs. Bajaj twister mixer grinder is a perfect combination of aesthetics and technology.

The powerful motor of the Mixer ensures quality and consistent performance in grinding the toughest ingredients. Investing in any electronic appliances is a tough decision. Most of us worry about the quality and warranty of the brand. With the Bajaj mixer grinder, you are all set to breathe easily as the company offers a five years warranty on the motor of the Mixer.

Additionally, the Bajaj mixer grinder includes three- polycarbonate domes that enhance the performance and protects the Mixer against the dust. The dust protection of the model makes it convenient to maintain the mixer grinder.

Things we liked

  • Powerful motor for quick and efficient grinding of ingredients
  • Includes 5 years warranty for the motor and 2 years for the product
  • The Mixer includes polycarbonate domes that protect it against the dust.

Things we didn’t like

  • The powerful motor of the model can smell of varnish in the beginning.

7. Usha Imprezza Plus Mixer Grinder 

Usha Imprezza Plus Mixer Grinder 

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With the Usha Imprezza mixer, you can make delicious Indian food quicker and quieter. The mixer grinder looks stylish and includes 100 percent powerful copper motor. Usha, as a brand, has made a name for itself in the market for its efficiency and performance. Usha Imprezza has gone a step further by including a powerful copper motor, which can make tastier food with consistent grinding and retaining its texture.

Additionally, the blades of the mixer grinder are also designed for versatility and efficiency. The blades of the mixer grinder are made of advanced fluid dynamic that does an excellent job than other blades. One important feature to note about this model is their jars. The Usha Imprezza mixer grinder comes with 5 different jars of varied capacities. 

The storage jar of the Mixer is helpful in storing freshly ground ingredients properly. The best part is that the storage jar of the Mixer can be used for grinding different ingredients and storing them without having to transfer it into another box or bowl.

Things we liked

  • The powerful copper motor of the mixture provides for consistent grinding, which retains the texture of the food.
  • The grinder can be used for making complicated Indian dishes as it works fast
  • Storage jar is a useful accessory for the Mixer that enables easy storage
  • Blades of the Mixer is built for versatility

Things we didn’t like

  • The quality of the mixer body can be better.

8. Butterfly Spectra 750-Watt Mixer Grinder 

Butterfly Spectra 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

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Butterfly Spectra mixer grinder is a spectacular model with functionally features. The design and color of the mixer grinder make it stand out among its competition. The black body of the mixer grinder is appealing to any customer. The make and design of the grinder blend well with modern aesthetic kitchens. The compact and sleek finish of the Mixer is a space saver model.

The Mixer comes with 4 different jars that can be used for multiple purposes. The spectra model of butterfly mixer includes two liquidizing jars, which can be used for grinding and chopping of different ingredients. The chutney jar of the Mixer can be used for grinding both wet and dry ingredients. The four multi-functional jars can be stacked together and stored easily.

Finally, the body and jar of the mixer grinder are made of quality material that is durable. The stainless steel jars of the mixer grinder are easy to maintain as they can be cleaned with simple water and soap solution.

Things we liked

  • The elegant design and make of the mixer grinder
  • Stackable jars and space-saving design of the Mixer
  • Micro base safety-enhancing feature of the Mixer

Things we didn’t like

  • The Mixer can make more noise when running at high speed.

9. Prestige Delight Plus 750 Watts Mixer Grinder

Prestige Delight Plus 750 Watts Mixer Grinder

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Prestige delight plus mixer grinder is for a customer looking for a colorful appliance to enhance the beauty of their modern kitchen. Prestige home appliances are known for their reasonable price and quality. It is a trusted name in the industry that has been in the business of manufacturing kitchen appliances for ages now. Apart from prestige mixer grinder, the company is well-known in the world for its quality and high performing pressure cookers.

Prestige delight mixer grinder is no doubt a colorful model but doesn’t get distracted with its style. This model of Mixer holds an ISI (standard Indian institution) certification that assures its quality. The mixer grinder motor is powerfully powered by a 750W battery that produces efficient ground paste or spice mixture. The company also provides a warranty on both the motor and the products. 

The jar and blades of the Mixer are made of durable quality material. The mixer grinder comes with overload protection for the safety of the users. Additionally, the polycarbonate dome-shaped jar lids are an important feature of the Mixer that increases its efficiency.

Things we liked

  • Powerful copper winding motor of the mixer grinder
  • The Mixer is ISI certified for its quality
  • Dual warranty on the motor as well as the product
  • Overload protection included in the mixer grinder for the safety of the users.

Things we didn’t like

  • None.

10. Bosch TrueMixx Radiance 600-Watt Mixer Grinder

Bosch TrueMixx Radiance 600-Watt Mixer Grinder

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The Bosch TrueMixx Radiance mixer grinder comes with stone pounding technology that imitates the pounding effects of traditional mortar and pestle. This technology of the mixer ingredients is very beneficial in grinding dry ingredients to deliver the authentic taste of food. The stone grounding technology of the mixture is highly suitable for making dry spice powder used in various curries.

The motor of the mixer grinder is pure copper winding that is included to deliver high performance. Additionally, the blades of the mixer grinder are bent at the edges that strike the ingredients with force to resemble a pounding effect — using a Bosch mixer grinder is where simple as it comes with strong lid locks. The strong lids locks of the mixer grinders enable a user to operate the mixer hands-free.

Hands-free operation of the Mixer is also enabled by the powerful suction feet that grip the appliance to the countertop when operating. Bosch TrueMixx radiance mixer grinder ticks all the right boxes that are required in a kitchen appliance.

Things we liked

  • Powerful copper winding motor for high performance
  • The elegant and sleek design of the mixer grinder
  • Strong lock lids and powerful suction grip of the Mixer for hands-free operation
  • Pounding –effect technology for grinding ingredients coarsely to enhance the flavor in the food.

Things we didn’t like

  • Some customers observed the Mixer to release a burning smell at the initial stage of usage.

What Is the Benefit of Buying Expensive Mixer Grinder?

Most customers often wonder what so special about expensive mixer grinders when they offer almost the same features as that of budget mixer grinders. However, even if the features are the same, there is a big difference between the products at different price ranges. Here are the benefits of purchasing an expensive mixer grinder.

  1. Versatility –

The problem with budget mixer grinders is that their functions would be limited as the capacity of the motor would be low. However, when it comes to expensive mixer grinders, almost every one of them would be designed to offer exceptional functionality. This means you invest in a mixer grinder at this price range you would be getting an appliance that could do several functions with ease.

  1. Quality –

Even if we cannot guarantee that all mixer grinder at this price range is of high-quality, majority of them would have the quality that meets the standards. They would tend to last longer than a budget mixer grinder. Even if some brands might compromise the quality, the majority of them would uphold the quality to safeguard their reputation.

  1. Wide range of accessories –

Every mixer grinder from a reputed brand would have something that would account for the price tag they carry. It could be anything related to the product. However, as far as we know, the mixer grinder at this price range comes with more number of accessories with it. Commonly, the number of jars and blades that come with these mixer grinders are high.

  1. Warranty –

Most mixer grinders that come at this price range boast a good warranty. Most commonly the warranty period could range between 2 to 5-years. Even though most brands offer a warranty on their budget mixer grinder, almost every brand offers a warranty period on products at this price range. Check the market and see for yourselves. Neglecting a mixer grinder with a warranty is not a wise decision as electronic appliances could breakdown any time, a warranty would come handy to avoid unwanted expenses.

  1. Low power consumption –

Yes, this is one of the most important benefits of a mixer grinder. Even if the product comes with comparatively good motor capacity, the electricity consumption would be low. This would be because the product comes incorporate with high-quality circuits and advance technology parts.

  1. User-friendly design –

Mixer grinders at this price range come manufacture in a user-friendly design. As the name itself suggests the user will have no difficulty in using the mixer grinder. It could be the locking system, the speed control button, easy to assemble jars and blades, etc.

  1. Easy to clean and maintain –

Cleaning a mixer grinder is consider to be a difficult task for most people. However, most of the mixer grinders at this price range has an easy to clean design. Few of them could be dishwasher safe.

  1. Stylish –

Check the products we have list, most of them look stylish and could suit almost modern aesthetics. While most of the low range mixer grinders come in simple design, mixer grinders under the price of INR 5000 come with almost classic as well as stylish looks.

Bottom Line

A mixer grinder is a useful appliance in the kitchen. The appliances cut down the time spent in the kitchen to make complex and complicate Indian dishes. So we must pick a right mixer grinder for our kitchen and family requirements. The ten best mixer grinder models mention in the article is the best place to start your journey in choosing an ideal model.

The models mention in the article are easily available in online stores like Amazon. The link for these models is individually include in the article. The price of the mixer grinder mention –above is reasonable; all the models are available on online stores at less than 5000 rupees. Remember the key points discuss in the article and the features mention before purchasing a mixer grinder. We hope this review article helps choose a mixer grinder for your home.