10 Best Panasonic Mixer Grinder in India 2021

Panasonic has a remarkable name in the Indian market due to premium quality products, affordable prices, excellent after-sale services, and more factors. You can find that Panasonic is taking over the Indian market in the Mixer Grinder department. The credit goes to their excellent build quality, premium features, and more.

Needless to mention that a quality mixer is all about ultra-sharp blades for practical usability, less hassle with cleaning, higher durability, and less maintenance. All these features alongside the positive reviews can tempt you to buy such products without a reconsider. Panasonic got all these things in their latest lineup of Mixer Grinders, which are currently sold in India.

Over the past two years, the price of Panasonic’s mixer grinders also dropped by a significant amount in India, which ensures that it is the best time to grab some of the quality deals without compromising with any feature. It can help saving money on premium quality products and expect great usability for sure.

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Best Panasonic Mixer Grinder Online in India

To help you out with the selection, we made a list of top 10 best-selling Panasonic Mixer Grinders that crushed the score of other brands. This list based on several sales factors mainly, but we are also looking into essential features so that you don’t regret any of the products.

Let’s check out the list

1. Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Super Mixer Grinder

Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Super Mixer Grinder

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Panasonic MX-AC400 is one of the best seller mixer grinders of 2020 with its remarkable number of features and usability related advantages. It has a safety locking system that follows the international standard to provide the best advantage. There are four jars included in the pack for different purposes.

It has the most effective usability due to Flow Breaker jaw, which can help by increasing the efficiency of the grind. You can grind almost anything due to ultra-sharp stainless-steel blades. The blades are highly durable and effective enough to grind the hardest edibles flawlessly. It has a safety feature like a circuit breaker system and a centrifugal juicer into the same unit.

Things We Liked 

  • Set of 4 jars included in the pack along with other attachments.
  • The motor has a warranty of 5 years from the date of purchase.
  • Flow breaker jar enhances the overall grinding efficiency.
  • Contain all the major features that you might need.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • No cons reported until now.

2. Panasonic MX-AC300S-H 550-Watt Mixer Grinder

Panasonic MX-AC300S-H 550-Watt Mixer Grinder

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For a slightly lower price point, this mixer grinder is good to go if the use of the mixer is not that high. It comes with three stainless steel jars, and these are enough for a small family. It has a motor of 550 watts, and it is powerful enough to rotate samurai edge stainless-steel blades at adequate speed for a perfect texture you want.

It has piano type button switches, and the overall built quality of this mixer grinder is admirable for the price. It has a double safety locking system as it is following international safety standards. Moreover, the grinder comes with two years of warranty whereas the motor has a warranty of 5 years. It is good enough to feel assured.

Things We Liked 

  • Built quality is up to the mark and reliable in terms of durability.
  • Sharp stainless-steel blade; the sharpness doesn’t dull such easy.
  • Follows all the safety standard and come with two years of warranty.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Electricity consumption is slightly high.

3. Panasonic MX-AC555 New 550-Watt Mixer Grinder

Panasonic MX-AC555 New 550-Watt Mixer Grinder

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A slightly premium deal with five jars and a highly powerful motor equipped into a grinder is Panasonic MX-AC555. It has a 550-watt motor, which is powerful enough to offer intense rotation speed and effective usability. Considering the built quality, it seems like a perfect choice for longer use.

It has three different speed settings and a slightly different stainless-steel blade, which provides the best texture when making smoothies or grinding something. This product also comes with two years of warranty from the date of purchase whereas you are getting five years of warranty on the motor only.

Things We Liked 

  • Highly powerful motor equipped into the mixer.
  • One of the best choices for small level restaurants.
  • Piano style buttons, easy to press, and use for sure.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The motor is highly powerful but slightly extra noisy during the use.

4. Panasonic AC MX-AC400 550-Watt Super Mixer Grinder

Panasonic AC MX-AC400 550-Watt Super Mixer Grinder

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If you want superior power in the same form factor of our top pick, then Panasonic AC MX-AC400 550-Watt Super Mixer Grinder is taking over it. This grinder is way more powerful than our top pick, but it comes for a similar price point. It has a unique safety mechanism for better power.

It is also shipped with a 304-grade stainless steel jar that is durable and hard to break. Considering the motor and power, it is easy to use choice. Even, it has one of the premium features called flow breaker, which doesn’t let the jars leak at all. The stainless-steel blades are also very much durable.

Things We Liked 

  • The jars are made up of 304-grade Stainless steel.
  • It is equipped with an extra powerful motor.
  • Double safety locking mechanism for safer use.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • It consumes a significant amount of electricity.

5. Panasonic AC MX-AC555 550-Watt Super Mixer

Panasonic AC MX-AC555 550-Watt Super Mixer

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For an extra number of jars and a slight difference in motor, our third top pick is back into the game at a different position. It comes with five stainless steel jars, which are made up of 304-grade steel. It also has filters made from similar material, which can help to extract juice from the pulp.

This mixer also has the oil seal protection mechanism, which helps you use it effectively. On the other hand, the motor is highly powerful that you can go for meat mincing and wet grinding without any problem. The motor has 100% cooper winding so you can use it safely without worrying about anything.

Things We Liked 

  • Powerful motor enough for meat mincing also.
  • The oil seal protection system is reliable here.
  • Built quality is reliable to go after.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Make intense noise when fully stuffed.

6. Panasonic MX-AC220-H 550-Watt Mixer Grinder

Panasonic MX-AC220-H 550-Watt Mixer Grinder

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In the affordable category, one of the least powerful choice in this whole list is Panasonic MX-AC220-H 550-Watt. It comes with a set of 2 jars. It has a 550-watt powerful motor, and everything else is similar except a few safety-related features. But, you can’t consider it as a bad choice due to several factors.

It has a remarkable motor, and both the jars are made up of high-grade stainless steel. The built quality is premium, and if you compare it to the price point, it is one of the values for the money deal. If you don’t use a mixer grinder daily or you feel the very lower need, then this product is best for sure.

Things We Liked 

  • It is equipped with a hardened and durable stainless-steel blade.
  • Easy to use piano switches, offer impressive tactile feel during the use.
  • One of the affordable price points and offer value for money.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The second jar very small in size.

7. Panasonic MX-AC400 550 Watt Mixer Grinder

Panasonic MX-AC400 550 Watt Mixer Grinder

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For the premium price point, Panasonic MX-AC400 is one of the best choices. It comes with four different jars, and it has ultra-sharp high-grade stainless-steel blades that can enhance the overall usability for sure. The blades are durable and offer the best usability over the other products.

You can find a slight difference here with the jars because these are made up of Unbreakable Polycarbonate. It also includes jars that can be used for dry as well as wet grinding. It has a powerful 550-watt motor, and you can find a similar warranty from Panasonic among all the products.

Things We Liked 

  • It includes a jar made up of Unbreakable Polycarbonate.
  • Built quality is premium of blades and mixer itself.
  • Warranty of two years on product and five years on motor.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Price is slightly expensive as you look at features.

8. Panasonic MX-AC350-A (Blue) Super Mixer Grinder

Panasonic MX-AC350-A (Blue) Super Mixer Grinder

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We are back in mid-range category with our Panasonic MX-AC350-A (Blue) Super Mixer Grinder. This product comes with three-different jars, and two of them are made up of stainless steel. One jar which mainly works as a juicer is made up of polycarbonate. These three jars are excellent in terms of durability.

The consumer reports are positive about this product, and you can find out several other positive factors like an extra powerful motor. You can grind anything with the stainless steel blade added into this unit. One more thing to cherish, this grinder looks premium inbuilt quality, and it also comes with a similar warranty scheme.

Things We Liked 

  • Total three jars to avail, Stainless steel and polycarbonate one.
  • It has the Unique interlocking system for safer use.
  • Built quality is incredible, and the product seems best in build quality.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is a slightly heavier choice to consider.

9. Panasonic Super MX-AC300S 550-Watt Mixer Grinder

Panasonic Super MX-AC300S 550-Watt Mixer Grinder

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If you want to add a little bit beauty into the kitchen and grab the best grinder mixer, then the purchase of Panasonic Super MX-AC300S 550-Watt Mixer Grinder is a reliable choice. This shiny blue color mixer grinder is easy to clean, and it looks perfect in all kinds of kitchen color schemes.

It comes with three different jars, and the best part is, it has a similar 550-watt motor. You can expect effective usability from this unit. You can consider the same for liquidizing, wet and dry grinding. There is Unique double safety interlocking offered by the manufacturer so that you don’t spill accidentally during the use.

Things We Liked 

  • Three-speed control to avail the perfect mixture.
  • Looks premium with the blue color scheme.
  • It works on Heavy duty 550watt motor with samurai edge blades.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Sometimes the cleaning part is a little bit typical.

10. Panasonic MX-AC380 550-Watt Plastic Hazards Mixer Grinder

Panasonic MX-AC380 550-Watt Plastic Hazards Mixer Grinder

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Our last pick from Panasonic is unique and provides a great deal. Well, we are talking about Panasonic MX-AC380 550-Watt Plastic Hazards mixer grinder. It has slightly different jars capacity, and they are made up of 304-grade stainless steel. Such high quality with a Computerized design flow breaker is effective for grinding.

The design is similar to other products, but considering the price and features can make you understand why to prefer this deal. The best part is, you are getting Samurai hardness stainless that is good in terms of durability. The exceptional built quality can add glory to the purchase. Even it has a shiny black color, which looks great enough to prefer.

Things We Liked 

  • Lightweight and compact size offer you better portability.
  • The design looks reliable and good enough to prefer.
  • All the safety features are available in this product.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The plastic body gives a cheaper built quality feel, and it seems easy to break.

Why Choose Panasonic Mixer Grinder?

  1. Extraordinary design –

Unlike most other mixer grinders, a mixer grinder from Panasonic would look entirely different. The brand follows a single design and most of them look alike. While the design is almost the same for all mixer grinder from this brand, this does not mean they look the same, however, the color combination used would be different.

  1. Individual buttons for speed control –

While most other mixer grinders come with a speed control wheel for controlling the speed of the motor, all the Panasonic mixer grinders come with a different design. In Panasonic mixer grinder, each speed is assigned a separate button. This, in turn, ensures that even if a button malfunction, other buttons would ensure the motor functioning. When compared to single wheel speed control, this feature is easier to use.

  1. Exceptionally stylish jars –

The key difference between a Panasonic mixer grinder and other brand mixer grinder is that the jars that come with the mixer grinder are exceptionally stylish. Yes, they look very stylish and ergonomic at the same time. This is not common for most manufacturers. However, in the Panasonic mixer grinder, style is a key advantage.

  1. At least 2-year warrantied mixer grinders –

In general, a Panasonic mixer grinder would be at least 2 or more than 2-years warrantied. If you search the market for a Panasonic mixer grinder, you will not be able to find a mixer grinder without at least a 2-year warranty. Some of the medium range models come with a 5-year warranty.

  1. International brand –

Indian customers have an affinity for international brands. Panasonic is a Japanese brand that has its presence in almost every corner of the world today. Panasonic mixer grinders available on the Indian market are innovative and incorporated with the latest technology.

  1. Highly durability –

One of the key benefits offered by a Panasonic mixer grinder is that they are comparatively more durable than other mixer grinders. The material used to make each part of this mixer grinder is guaranteed to be of top quality.

  1. BPA free material used for manufacturing –

The manufacturer uses BPA free polycarbonate to manufacture the handle, cap, base, and other parts of the jars and mixer grinder. This, in turn, ensures that the grinder does not poison your food material.

  1. Top-notch jar locking system used –

Most of the Panasonic mixer grinder comes incorporated with advanced and efficient locking system. While the safety offered by Panasonic mixer grinders are comparatively better, it does not make the jar locking process messier, but easy.

The Final Verdict

Panasonic is currently expanding into India and considered the top brand for home appliances. From trimmers to kitchen appliances, you can find everything. Just name it, and Panasonic got it for you. Based on the popularity and brand credibility, you will never find any problem.

On the other hand, if you get any issue related to satisfaction, then you can return the product under 30 days of purchase. If you still have doubts, then we would suggest you compare these products with any other brand that is offering similar features. You can easily figure out the right one.

Expecting value for money deal is easy from Panasonic’s mixer grinder lineup. We hope that our guidepost and the list of top 10 best-selling Panasonic mixer grinder will help you choose the right product.