5 Daily Uses Of Mixer Grinder In Indian Kitchen

In the Indian kitchen, grinding stones were mostly used to grind spices and masala. This use to take effort, energy, and time. But nowadays, the use of a mixer grinder has revolutionized the way you do your work in the Indian kitchen. These perform different tasks like mixing, grinding chopping, and blending, pureeing, etc. The mixer grinder does the tasks in minutes. The world of kitchen appliances is expanding at a fast pace making your life easier. This multitasking appliance is very helpful in the Indian kitchen. There are separate jars for dry and wet grinding.

Here are the list of some daily uses Of Mixer Grinder In Indian Kitchen

Mixer Grinder

The kitchen is one of the important parts of any household. This is the place where daily tasks of cooking are accomplished. Every kitchen has a mixer grinder so that cooking work is done fast and in the best manner. With the assistance of this sophisticated tool, you can prepare different varieties of food quickly. It is possible to make different tasty dishes very fast. A housewife feels a sense of relief due to the availability of a convenient mixer and grinder in her kitchen. This basic tool is a necessity for any Indian kitchen.

1. Idli And Dosa Batter – Idli and dosa is a favorite dish. This is not only restricted to the South Indian kitchen, but it is a preferred choice throughout India. For making idli and dosa, you have to make a batter. This is done by soaking urad dal overnight and grinding it in the mixer grinder the next day. The batter which you get is fine, and you can make crispy and crunchy dosas with it.

2. Grinding Spices – Grinding spices is the important job of a mixer grinder. Spices add taste to your food. The homemade spices are fresh. These are made by grinding bay leaf, pepper, cardamom, coriander etc. These ingredients are roasted first, and when cool down are ground in the mixer grinder.

3. Purees – Tomato puree and ginger garlic paste enhance the flavor of the food. Tomato purees can be made in a mixer grinder and stored for some time in your refrigerator. This can be used when you are running short of tomatoes. Ginger garlic paste is made by grinding garlic and ginger, and you can add it to your dal and vegetable curry.

4. Chutneys – Chutneys are an essential component of any meal, increasing the flavor of the food which you are eating. You can use a mixer grinder to make the best chutney like green chutney and coconut chutney. These are preferred in every household.

5. Grinding Sugar And Puffed Rice – Finely powdered sugar is added to the sweets or when you bake a cake. It mixes well with the food product which you are preparing. A mixer grinder is the best tool to grind oats and puffed rice, which is used in healthy food recipes.

These are the daily uses of the mixer grinder in every Indian kitchen. It performs multiple tasks of dry grinding, wet grinding, grating, blending pureeing, etc. It has several features. Space-saving design allows accommodating other kitchen gadgets.