Mixer Grinder: Advantages and Disadvantages

Today, our kitchen is loaded with gadgets which can make life easy for us. You will find a gadget in every corner of the kitchen and you can’t really setup a kitchen with such gadgets. The list is not just restricted to the stove, chimney, refrigerator, oven, etc. There are many more things that you will find in the kitchen. One such appliance that has become a part of our daily life is Mixer Grinder. Believe it or not but this appliance was invented in the 19th century and it has been through several iterations in order to be in today’s form.

These mixer grinders have several advantages but just like a coin, there are some disadvantages associated with them as well. Overall, it can be really difficult to imagine your life without a mixer grinder. They are user friendly and they are quick. We are sure that you are here because you would like to know more about these advantages and disadvantages.

Let us review them all one by one.

Mixer Grinder: Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Mixer Grinder

We will first talk about the advantages of mixer grinder and you can go through the list below to check out more details

  • Experiment with Food – With the help of the mixer grinder, you can actually try and make different dishes. You do not have to spend a lot of time on the preparations anymore. This appliance offers you a lot of versatility and it is certainly an advantage. You can make milkshakes, purees, spices and a lot of things with the help of the mixer grinder. With the additional attachments, you can even extract fresh fruit and vegetable juice at home for yourself.
  • Reduces the Efforts – The next advantage that we are going to talk about is the efforts involved. You do not have to use your pestle to grind the spices anymore. Just pop all the spices in the jar and press the button to get the grounded spice. Similarly, making milkshake is just the touch of a button away. This helps you in minimizing the effort and maximizing efficiency for you.
  • Speed Settings – Each and every model of mixer grinder comes with different speed settings. This helps you in getting what you need and this way, you can also alter the texture of the ingredient that is in the jar. With all these speed settings, you also get the power to deal with ingredients that are hard.
  • Easy to Use – Using the mixer grinder is really easy. There is no learning curve associated at all. You just need to open the jar, add the ingredients, close the jar and press the button. Once you are done with the grinding or mixing, you can remove the jar and extract the ingredients. This is how easy it is to use the mixer grinder. What else could you really have wanted?
  • Easy to Clean – A lot of people escape the cleaning part but the fact is that cleaning the mixer grinder is very easy. There is hardly any maintenance associated with the mixer grinder. Most of the jars are dishwasher friendly which reduces your efforts to 0. Some of the jars can also be cleaned with just a dry cloth. Isn’t that amazing?
  • Affordable – The last advantage that we are going to talk about is the affordability. These mixer grinders are very affordable and hence you do not really have to plan this purchase. You can get models in every budget range and you just need to go ahead and make the purchase. There are a lot of options that you can get in mixer grinders.

Disadvantages of Mixer Grinder

You would have gone through the advantages of a mixer grinder. Let us now share some of the disadvantages of mixer grinder

  • Slightly Noise at High Speed – At high speed, the mixer grinder can be slightly noisy but you just need to run a mixer grinder for few seconds. Since you need to deal with noise for just a few minutes, we are sure that you can really ignore this disadvantage of the mixer grinder.
  • Handling Sharp blades – Another thing that concerns us is that the blades of the mixer grinder can be really sharp. While cleaning, you need to handle the blades and the jar with a certain level of care. Being careless can give you a cut and hence we recommend you to always practice precaution.

This was all about the advantages and disadvantages of the mixer grinder. We are sure that you can ignore the disadvantages of the appliance to exploit the advantages that it offers you. It is certainly going to reduce the efforts for you by multiple man-hours. Just to give you a perspective, imagine making tomato puree or grinding spices manually with hand and compare the same efforts with a mixer grinder. We are sure you are also not able to imagine your life without these mixer grinders.

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