The Difference In Mixer Grinder and Food Processor

Are you planning to buy a handy appliance for your kitchen? You may have the need to grind chutney, powders, or prepare juices. But many appliances in the Indian market offer various grinding uses. There are food processors as well as mixer grinders. So what to pick for your home use?

Mostly the mixer grinders in India and the food processors are thought to be the same. However, there are differences. The food processor aids in the tasks of slicing, chopping, grating and shredding of vegetables and fruits. But it cannot do the job of grinding and juicing like the mixer grinders. Therefore here are some of the differences between the mixers and food processor for your understanding.

Mixer Grinder

  • Differences in uses

The food processor is used for chopping the vegetables and fruits as per your needs; however, it cannot be used for the many tasks like grinding like the mixer. There can be a food processor in your home, but for other jobs, you have to buy the mixer too as the food processor is not enough. However, it can finely chop the ingredients to perfection suitable for your cooking needs.

  • Difference in environments

The mixer grinders are the ideal appliance for the Indian kitchen environment as it can be used to prepare chutney, powder the grains and spices, and also for making juices. However, the food processors are not that essential for the Indian kitchens as the chopping can be done manually also. You can also prepare the batter for idli and dosa in a mixer, but it cannot be done in a food processor. The best one for your kitchen is the mixer grinders.

  • The difference in design and technology

The appliances offer different end products so technology and design are different. The major difference is the design of the blade. For instance, the mixer will have a space to put in the items. Then the blades in that will cut through the food when the mixer works.

On the other hand, the food processors will have rotating pumps like blades. The food has to be guided over the blade, and then it will fall on the main processor container. The pump has to be pressed by a person. There are different types of food processor models that differ in this process.

  • Differences in size

The mixer grinders come with extra additions than food processors. As the food processor is a compact appliance, it will only take up less space in a kitchen. On the other hand, the mixers will come with many extra jars for different needs. The food processors can be set up in a compact space in the kitchen for your use, and if it has different attachments, it can be kept aside and can be taken if you need it. But it would help if you kept the extra additions of the mixers nearby because you may need it all the time for daily cooking purposes.

These are some of the differences between mixer grinders and food processors. Choose the appliance that best fits your cooking needs.