5 Things You Should Not Put In A Mixer Grinder

A mixer grinder is one of the most common appliances that a household would have today. This product is designed in such a way that it can perform the functions performed by both mixer and grinder, which simply means this appliance can work on wet and dry food items. However, this does not mean that a mixer grinder can simply process any wet or dry food material.

In the recent months, we have come across several complaints and questions related to a mixer grinder and one of the most frequent and common enquiries relates to the things that should not be put in a mixer grinder. To help you, here is the list of things that you should not put in a mixer grinder.

Not Put In A Mixer Grinder

1. Hot fluids

Yes, you cannot put hot fluid into a mixer grinder jar. You might be confused to hear this, it is true that a mixer grinder can process wet and dry food materials, nuts, shrubs, etc. However, we would like to warn you and forbid you from using a mixer grinder to blend or mix hot fluids, especially soup. You can use a mixer grinder to process cold fluid, but never a hot fluid. Now, if it is a very urgent requirement, you can do it, but only after making sure that the temperature of the fluid is comparatively very low. Even if you are processing a slightly warm fluid in mixer grinder, make sure that you do not completely close the mouth of the jar, you should allow the hot air to flow out while processing. We recommend that you remove the stopper from the lid to ensure that the heat escapes.

2. Frozen vegetables or fruits

Most of the people are unaware that a mixer grinder does not come designed to process or juice frozen fruit or vegetables. There is no doubt or debate that a mixer grinder can be used to juice or blend fruit or vegetables, but frozen vegetable or fruit, no, it is impossible to process it. If you still cannot accept the fact, then we will explain why, frozen fruit or vegetable can be hard and most of the mixer grinder come with a fine and sharp blade, which could easily break or bend if used with frozen fruit or vegetables. This is why we forbid from suing mixer grinder to process frozen or fruit.

3. Dry tomatoes or sun-dried tomatoes

The problem with tomatoes is that they come with an exterior hard skin like a thing that can be processed when the tomatoes are raw, however, there are some instances where processing the vegetable for at least 5 minutes minimum will not have processed this skin completely. On the other hand, when tomatoes are dried or when they lose water, the skin becomes thicker and hard. This skin cannot be processed in a mixer grinder. Apart from just hard and thick, this skin will have a leathery texture that will jam the blades of the mixer grinder at times. This is the main reason why it is recommended that you should not put dried tomatoes in a mixer grinder. But, if you need your dried tomatoes to be processed in a mixer blender, soak the tomatoes in water for at least an hour and then put it in a mixer grinder.

4. Ginger

Have you ever tried to crush ginger, crushing ginger even when it is raw is not an easy task, they come with a fibre-like a string that can jam the blades and make the mixer grinder malfunction. One of the important thing about ginger is that it is the same even if ginger is dried or semi-dried.

5. Potatoes and starchy vegetables

Starchy vegetable like potatoes when processed in a mixer grinder becomes a gluey substance that restricts the movement of mixer glider blade making the product unworthy for use. This is why we recommend that you should not use a mixer grinder to mash potatoes under any circumstances.

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Final words:-

A mixer grinder is one of the best kitchen appliance one could own, it not only makes the work easier; but also helps the user prepare tasty food. However, you should be careful not to use the things mentioned above in mixer grinder as it could lead to malfunction of the mixer grinder.

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